Use Guidelines

Email Services Terms of Use

  • Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) provides email services to faculty, staff, and students through the Microsoft Office 365 program
  • This service is primarily intended to enable University communications and communication among WUSTL faculty, students, and staff for academic and research purposes
  • WUSTL will provide for the delivery of messages to the Office 365 email service – those that direct delivery of University email mail to an outside service do so at their own risk
  • Autoforwarding WashU E-mail accounts containing protected information to any external mail service (Google, Yahoo, etc.) is not permitted
  • Personal use of the email service is allowed but must not interfere with the operation of the email service for academic purposes
  • Any use of the email service must comply with all WUSTL and Microsoft policies

Please familiarize yourself with these policies:

The guidelines below help to summarize the policies, but they are not intended to replace, contradict or fully represent the full policies:

  • OBEY THE LAW. Use of the email service for illegal or harassing activities is prohibited.
  • PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT. You are responsible for all emails sent from your account. Don’t share your password.
  • PROTECT CONFIDENTIAL AND PERSONAL DATA. Emails, attachments and user profiles are not completely private. Any electronic information passes through many servers and network devices and is subject to interception at any point, although this is generally not the case. While the WashU Office of General Council has deemed Office 365 HIPAA compliant and acceptable for sending sensitive data, messages containing sensitive data that are sent outside of the organization should use encryption.
  • BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. Unauthorized access to other user’s accounts or activities that deny access or resources to any other authorized user of the service is prohibited.
  • VERIFY RECEIPT. Email delivery is not guaranteed. In rare cases emails are lost or delayed. You may send an email to the wrong address. When it is critical that your email arrive by a deadline, allow adequate delivery time and follow-up with the recipient.
  • DON’T SPAM. Do not send unsolicited bulk messages, chain letters or commercial messages.
  • DON’T TAMPER WITH THE SERVICE. You may not initiate programs or take actions that intentionally interfere with normal operations of the email service.
  • DON’T USE THE SERVICE FOR NON-WUSTL BUSINESSES. You may not use the email service to operate, promote, advertise or otherwise support non-WUSTL related businesses.